Glorious days of the deep

< Special Report of Dr. Jennings >
Credentials acquired, and confirmed.
Welcome on SUPERVISOR duty, doctor.

(#1) Crystals adopted behavior of ducklings following their mother.
(#2) Define 'crystals.' What is the possibility they are what we think they are.
(#3) Define 'zero time,' 'event,' 'pattern recognition paradigm.'

The definition of mother ought to be clarified. A safe assumption would be it is a behavior pattern not based in cognition, or internal interpretation. A counter-argument states, however, they display internal interpretation processes.

The bases in critical thinking? Eliminate. Define cognition-nullifying arguments.

The group would follow everybody until they were scared away, or became hungry, or thirsty. Though they don't quench thirst, nor satisfy their hunger. It seems the processes occur naturally after a minute of comfortable rest. A crystal ran away. It led the investigators to a cave. Because of dense configuration of the 'interior', they couldn't have seen, but they heard sounds resembling a giant crystals moving around. The suspicion is that the object doesn't represent all of the instances. More, are speculated, to inhabit Poland. Investigation into cave research is pending. A conflict arose in regard to the local tourist-base establishment, and community.

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